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Darkrai raid on me, adding 10 [7329 6564 7842] stay online

2021.10.27 19:47 Kelreiyt Darkrai raid on me, adding 10 [7329 6564 7842] stay online

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2021.10.27 19:47 CaptSige Is it wrong to talk to yourself when you felt frustration and anger or any other emotion at the same time?

I just had a bad day and kinda want to talk to somebody.
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2021.10.27 19:47 inevitable_bo Alexandra Daddario

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2021.10.27 19:47 lmreaper14 Please support our channel. Show support on the video comments. Thank you!

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2021.10.27 19:47 IAmMissingNow As Jesus I get kicked early every game but it’s so worth it

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2021.10.27 19:47 Deep_Emu3095 Best leaks

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2021.10.27 19:47 Background_Formal_80 regretting unadding my ex

he broke up with me cause he had irl work/family issues n couldnt give me the love i needed at the time and after a 2-3 months he came back into my life and just wanted to apologize since he felt guilty and i was the best girlfriend he could have ever gotten.
we continue to talk and he says that he can't be in a relationship with me cause it's stupid right now, but he still loves me unconditionally and wanted to keep us connected. i couldn't do it. i can't love him from afar, especially when he's right there. i love him so much my heart hurts and i started crying every night ever since he came back into my life. it's either all or nothing. he's either in my life to be with me, or out. i don't want him to be some kind of friend or a mutual cause it just hurts.
i unadded him and sent a message that says
"i hope u heal from everything you don't talk about and find the right person for you, i love you forever<3"
and now i'm regretting it so hard. What the hell did i do???? i can't believe i threw him away when he was so close to me. it hurt me but this is hurting me harder. i can't stop crying. i can't decide if i did the right decision by choosing myself or if i just messed everything up. i hate myself so much. i'm just trying to be better to myself and i already hate it
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2021.10.27 19:47 mariepier989 HEAR HIM OUT OR IGNORE HIM

Me and my bf broke up for the same reason we broke up before. When we broke up we said some many things that hurted our feelings, mostly he to me. I do want him back but I need him to change.
He texted me once asking me about something and I ignored it. He texted me again saying he needs to talk to me and explain everything. All of my friends told me to ignore him so he values me more and make and effort in the relationship, because if I give in so easily he will do it again.
I really want him back and want to hear him out but he needs to change his ways so we can both be happy.
Also they told me they saw him holding hands with a girl in the club, a week after we broke up, i mean he was single but still it hurted.
What would you do? Ignore him and see how he reacts? Or hear him out and tell him that I wont tolerate those things, not come back to him until he shows me respect (and go to my girls trip this weekend but left it clear with him). Or just ignore him.
I want to know what will make me value more, and what will be more mature.
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2021.10.27 19:47 Cheap-Heat-647 if kakuzu was to take guy's heart and use it, what kind of abilities would it have?

would that mask be able to use 8 gates techniques?
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2021.10.27 19:47 gravityCaffeStocks Tesla is Now More Profitable than GM and Ford

Ladies and Gentleman, for 2 straight quarters Tesla has now made more GAAP Earnings per car sold than F and GM combined.

2020 Q4 2021 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q3
TSLA $1480 $2360 $5670 $6680
F -$2220 $2990 $720 $1740
GM $2730 $3570 $3610 $1780

Pretty graph in comments (🌈 visualmod removed last post because imgur link)
Without regulatory credits in Q2 and Q3, Tesla's GAAP Earnings per car sold were $3960 and $5610 (still way more profitable per car sold than F and GM)
I suspect Tesla will eventually make $10k+ GAAP Earnings per car sold.
Numbers are approximate because I'm not about to keep track of GM's outstanding share count as they issue $1B+ in shares this year lmao
My positions can be found in my last post
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2021.10.27 19:47 XElliot25 Scalpers are losing their minds

Just today I have seen so many premium celebrations boxes for around 500$ and just now one for 600$ and what it looks like is either they’re new scalpers who get into a “scalpers hype” just like people get into “Pokémon hype” thinking that they can get easy money or that since people are tired they’re deciding to not buy for awhile forcing the scalpers to sell less for a higher price in order to cover their costs. What are your thoughts on what’s going on ?
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2021.10.27 19:47 snipeftw Geoffrey Giuliano Talks About Playing VIP 4 in Netflix’s Squid Game

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2021.10.27 19:46 lambsqueak Sleepy boy…. using my foot as a pillow, barely not falling, and hugging his hind leg against his head. Nothing to see here

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2021.10.27 19:46 bysshe_plz Final Fantasy I cross stitch

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2021.10.27 19:46 Majestic_Animator22 SIDE+ in alternate universes

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2021.10.27 19:46 soart_ Is this a bit too small for one rabbit? Each grid is 35x35 the problem is, there isn't enough of those black connector things so I have three Spares (haven't gotten the rabbit yet - I'm just trying to get everything set up beforehand!)

Is this a bit too small for one rabbit? Each grid is 35x35 the problem is, there isn't enough of those black connector things so I have three Spares (haven't gotten the rabbit yet - I'm just trying to get everything set up beforehand!) submitted by soart_ to Rabbits [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:46 PanPolyPan My girlfriend was raped by someone I know. What should I do as a man to combat rape culture?

TLDR; My poly girlfriend was raped by a man that's well-known and liked in our niche poly/kink communities, and I need to know what my responsibilities in this are, and how to do what I can without the help of the legal system or revictimizing my friend. I'm tired of everyone acting like all we can do is ignore the foxes in the hen-house.
Long Version- I (35M) am on the aspie spectrum and sometimes have a hard time communicating in an emotionally intelligent way, so please forgive me if I seem insensitive or weird. Most of my friends are women, and I hear "You're such a man!" a lot because of my demeanor and how I talk about things, but I really am trying my best, I swear. I'm a long time reader, and occasional commenter (who has been generally well-received) in TwoXChromosomes, but I'm posting from an alt account with names changed for obvious privacy reasons.
I'm a polyamorous pansexual who is happily married. My wife (31F) and I do kitchen table poly in that we don't have other boyfriends or girlfriends so much as my wife and I have close family friends with benefits that we also sometimes go hang out or have naughty fun with. Most poly folk and kinksters in my area are at least aware of the existence of one another because of stuff like Fetlife and Facebook.
I have a friend, Kate (27f). Her husband is Tony (30m). They are both very good family friends of my wife and I. Kate and I have been good friends with benefits for 5+ years. My wife and Kate sometimes go out together for girl nights, and my wife and Tony share a lot of mutual interests they regularly chat about. Tony is also one of my very best friends, and I his.
Kate is polyamorous and dates more than any of the three of us. She is extremely sexual and has a crazy high libido. I can't imagine anything but enthusiastic consent from her. Suffice it to say that any "no" from her would be resounding in the ears of anyone who actually knows her.
We all know Larry (50-ishM). Larry is a well known figure in the poly and kink communities in my area. Everyone knows he's weird, but "the harmless kind of weird". He's a self-proclaimed feminist, and is very vocal (almost *too* vocal), about how terrible men are. If there's a facebook or fetlife post he can use to virtue-signal, you can bet he will take the opportunity to do it. I'm a vocal and outspoken defender of women's rights, but even I get a distinct feeling of "The Larry doth protest too much, methinks." I've never had any obvious reason to deeply dislike him, but I've never quite fully trusted him for some reason, either.
Kate started dating Larry. Everything was going okay, but Kate wasn't feeling as enthusiastic about it as Larry was. Kate was also experiencing weird menstrual-like cramping from time to time that would make her not her usual horny self. Despite the cramping, Kate still decided to visit Larry for their scheduled date day (since poly really isn't all about sex), for which she'd usually spend the night so as to not drive too late or too tired. She repeatedly told Larry during the date that she didn't feel like having sex and was having cramping, and he seemed to be understanding and relented after trying to pressure her a bit. She was still down for hanging out and cuddling and going to sleep, but no sex, which Larry seemed fine with. Kate usually sleeps nude or mostly nude, and it isn't weird or unusual.
Now this is the part where I can hear the victim-blaming starting to happen already, but I have to remind you: Larry is pretty well-known in the kink and poly communities here, which are all about consent. If what Larry puts out there in his public facing persona is to be believed, he should be THE consent guy who is totally able to control himself and just do a cool, platonic, cuddle-puddle-kind-of-thing without getting his rocks off. I'm one of horniest people I know, and still Kate and I have had dates where I'd given her body rubs where she is totally nude and nothing sexual happens. She has crashed at my house on the spare mattress without anything sexual going on. She and I have even cuddled mostly nude with nothing more than a non-sexual, spooning-double-titty-arm-squeeze, because we're both parents who get tired and just wanna rest instead of fucking sometimes. We understand that true intimacy and friendship is built on a foundation of safety and trust. This has never bothered me or caused me any consternation in any way, because I prefer amazing sex, when we can both bring our best, over having to force anything and ensuring only one party enjoys themselves. But apparently that's not the case for everyone...
Because that night, Kate woke up with Larry inside her. She was still having cramps and discomfort, but felt bad for having left Larry hanging (despite clear boundaries and saying "no" several times before) and let him finish and went home feeling weird about everything the next morning. She'd even continued to date him for a little while after, just because she was unable to process what had truly taken place. She has good friends (including my wife) who told her that they got the impression (from some other behavior they'd witnessed) that Larry was always just focused on what he wanted without thinking about the repercussions it would have on others (totally unaware of the rape that had already taken place). That kind of made everything click into place for her, and Kate broke up with Larry soon after that.
The rape had obviously been eating Kate up inside since it happened. She and Tony were talking one night and she broke down and told him what happened and how bad it had fucked with her head. She didn't even realize right away that what she experienced was rape. Larry has a reputation for getting people to "push their boundaries" and considers that one of his "kinks", and she thought that he probably chalked it up to that. She tried to let it slide, but found that she couldn't let it go, because she felt so violated and was afraid he would go on to do it to others and push boundaries with other young women.I only found out about any of this when Tony showed up at my house at 3am because he wanted to kill Larry, but came to me instead looking for a clearer-headed perspective. Larry is a long time figure in our social circles that we've known for years, and Tony was having a bit of crisis over not just the rape itself, but the deep betrayal of someone that he himself also had trusted. I get that Tony's feelings about it are nowhere near as important as Kate's, but as a husband myself, I was sympathetic and could definitely understand the emotional toll it had taken on him. It wasn't at least wasn't nothing.
When Tony told me about what happened to Kate, he mentioned that it came up because he was talking with one of his close personal lady friends that had dated Larry in the past (when she was much younger), and he said that she actually had a similar story to Kate's. He knew something had seemed a little off about Kate and Larry's breakup and did some gentle probing, and that's when it all came out. When we thought back, almost all of Larry's relationships were with gals around 25 or under. And to top it all off, I had found out in the meantime that Larry is into "littles" and daddy play according to his fetlife profile. Now we're all pretty much convinced that he's a predator in our midst who is trying to prey on the youngest and most vulnerable women in our community who just don't have good concepts of boundaries, and we are just hoping he's not a pedophile too on top of everything else. But what we do know for sure is that he's a rapist, and person that doesn't respect boundaries. And I know it's tangential, but if I'm being completely honest, I also have some emotional investment in this, regardless of what I'd like to believe. Larry was part of my own first group sex experience, and during that time I saw him push the boundaries of me and the lady we were with. I had brushed it off because I was young and naive at the time, and the lady was much older, confident, and experienced than I was, so I lazily put all the responsibility of speaking up or expressing discomfort onto her. I deeply regret my carelessness and lack of firm boundaries in hindsight.
I told Tony that the best thing that he and I could do was to be there for Kate and do whatever she needed first and foremost. To show her the love, support, and understanding that we'd want if the roles were reversed and one of us had been raped by Larry. I told him to put vengeance out of his mind, and that it was a selfish reaction, because the only truly helpful thing anyone could do at this point is to support Kate. Any violence toward Larry would just complicate things for Kate and potentially take her support system away if we got arrested for assaulting him or something. I also talked with Tony about the burden that's now unfairly placed upon Kate's shoulders, because to call Larry out in any meaningful way means talking about what happened. There's no predator if there's no victim. Defining one thing also defines its opposite, and in that, there's no way to leave Kate out of the situation AND call Larry out for his actions. Having to come out as poly can be very hard, and would be an incidental consequence of calling attention to the rape. We also know that because of how the situation looks, and that polyamory is a fringe lifestyle, that no law enforcement in our area would treat this as a serious assault.
I'm someone who is interested in being *actually helpful* first and foremost, and approaching the situation with a level head. But when it comes to fighting for the right thing or calling out injustice, I can be very aggressive, confrontational, and vocal, and I don't care at all about any consequences to myself personally. Let's just say I'm willing to be a instrument of Kate's will in this matter, whatever her will may be.
So I'm asking all of you ladies out there reading this now... What is the best and most tactful way I can approach this situation and call out the predator in our midst without revictimizing my friend all over again? If you were in Kate's position, what would you want to see from me as your boyfriend? What would you want to see from Tony as your husband?
Honestly I don't even feel like this is mine to share, but I know I have to do *something*, because doing and saying nothing is what allows rape culture to persist. As a man, I want to combat it, but in situations like this, it's easy to see how complicated that can be. Larry is beloved in the local kink community, and has tons of female support that I'm sure would never believe he'd be capable of such a violation of consent, because just like in nature, the most successful predators are always the ones with the best camouflage. Kate is a hard-working mom of two with enough shit on her plate already that she doesn't have time to make a post like this on top of the time she's already making for therapy (which is in-and-of-itself a big step and time commitment that we're all super proud of her for pursuing). And Larry is such a persistent figure in the community Kate loves so much that she doesn't even feel like she can participate without having to run into him and tolerate his presence, and that's also been very isolating for her. So what can Tony and I do instead to help get Kate justice and closure and ensure we're keeping our community safe by holding men accountable?
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2021.10.27 19:46 morini3andahalf Two down, none to go ....

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2021.10.27 19:46 DanThatsAlongName We’ve reached a 1000 members who are interested in travelling or immigrating to the DPRK. Thank you!

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2021.10.27 19:46 prettyyyprettygood Are there any news on the Sokoban game or Braid Anniversary Edition? Recommendations to play while we wait?

O–––––––––––o 💥 🎉✨
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2021.10.27 19:46 gumbii_was_taken Kosovo is aromanian.

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2021.10.27 19:46 DayvedBrown I can't fail to commend PersistenceOne for such massive growth so far. Past/recent activities and statistics have shown that this project is unquestionably long-term. Here's an infographic on Persistence's weekly highlights :

I can't fail to commend PersistenceOne for such massive growth so far. Past/recent activities and statistics have shown that this project is unquestionably long-term. Here's an infographic on Persistence's weekly highlights : submitted by DayvedBrown to PersistenceOne [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:46 ScroobledEggs I was right about the cams in Glamrock Freddy!

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2021.10.27 19:46 Kelpsico 34 [M4F] NYC Area - Kissless Seeking Kissless

I'm a man who has been deliberately saving his first kiss; seeking a girl in a similar situation, or even just other like-minded folks.
I've been saving myself all this time because I believed that somehow, somewhere, there was someone out there doing the same for me. Someone with an ideal they were willing to demonstrably strive for; a part of themselves they held-firm for that one special person. Not because it was ordained by any external creed, internal insecurity, or lack of option, but because it was their informed-choice to do so; their way of demonstrating that future devotion. I still believe in such a person.
However, it seems the only other people who follow a similar-model to myself are those who do so due to religious-practice (I'm agnostic), those who have issues with intimacy (been to multiple therapists; they say that isn't the case) or those who simply haven't had the opportunity to get intimate with another (I've had offers). I am looking for someone who made the same choice I did; a decision not affected by fears, deities or lack of alternatives, but determined through their own perspective.
Aside from looking for a potential-partner, I'm here to see if there is some sort of community for people like me, or others who might feel the same way I do (i.e. reserving physical intimacy due to non-religious values).
The rundown:
+Physically-fit, been told by several women I am attractive
+Currently attaining a Masters STEM degree with a 4.0 GPA and honors
+Comfortable socializing in a wide range of gatherings(wild parties, wine tastings, group hikes, etc.), but also down for quieter introvert hangouts
+A good dancer (takes lessons regularly)
I know it's unusual to most people, but I am not here to get into a debate. It is a value that harms no one, and I am just trying to find other people like myself, so please be respectful. Thank you.
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2021.10.27 19:46 Mah_Young_Buck Contradiction-At-Arms

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